Technologies To Leverage In Your Roofing Business 

Roofing is among several other industries that are late in adopting technology. Technology is often thought of as a concept to replace the older ways of doing things. This however is the incorrect mindset. In fact, technology can be used as a tool to supplement how things are currently done. The many who are open to apply new technology to their businesses are often rewarded with competitive advantages. Below we will discuss a few platforms that roofing business can tap into to make improvements.

Google Analytics – Marketing 

Google analytics

Are you using a website to help drive business? If so, you should incorporate Google Analytics if you have not done so. It is a great tool to monitor traffic (people who come to your website). With this data, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of these viewers in multiple ways such as location, referral source, age, and time of day. As a result, you can strategically position yourself more effectively in front of your top customers as well as make adjustments in your marketing efforts.  

Panton – Operations 

Panton roof inspection with a drone


We at Panton Inc. have created a roofing inspection platform that brings intelligence and efficiency to the operations of roofing businesses. With Panton, drones can be used to take 4k definition images. Afterwards, the images are uploaded and processed through our machine learning software that can detect various damages. Highly detailed reports are then generated so that the appropriate materials can be ordered for repair.   

Panton roof inspection software


Inspections can be conducted substantially quicker (up to 2 times faster), allowing roofing companies to increase their work capacity. At the same time, roofers do not have to face the risks of climbing on top of homes nor do they have to wait for a homeowner to be present. 

Facebook – Marketing 

Facebook ads

Facebook is a powerful marketing and advertising tool if you’re looking to expand outside of your network. With Facebook you can do a few things to boost business. First, you can create a business page, allowing you to share information on your business through various posts as well as interact with individuals. This is vital in building a strong brand.   

You can also create Facebook ads, positioning your company in others’ Facebook Newsfeeds and on Instagram. Facebook allows you to send your ads out based on various parameters such as age, gender, location, and interests. The more specific you can be with how you want to target your ads, the more effective they are. In addition, various advertising formats are at your disposal, such as video and leaf forms.  

Quickbooks – Accounting  


Quickbooks is currently one of the most popular accounting software to use across small businesses. With Quickbooks, business owners can manage various financial aspects of their businesses; one can keep track of expenses, revenue, payroll etc. It’s a one stop shop for all your bookkeeping needs.  

With this information, spending and earnings can be monitored allowing business owners to make improvements where needed.  


Getting Started With Panton Roof Inspections

If you’re particularly interested in learning more about how we can be a part of your business, check out our site.  Also, check out the video below to see how Panton works!