Demand For Drone Pilots Skyrockets 

Drone pilot demand

In 2016, the FAA issued a regulation which made it possible for individuals to obtain a commercial drone license.  Since that then, thousands of individuals have obtained their license and are using drones to conduct a variety of missions.  A few examples of earning opportunities for drone pilot include: 


Roof Inspections 

Drones are emerging as the most effective method of collecting data for residential and commercial roof inspections.  Drones can collect high resolution images quickly and efficiently.  In addition, drone surveys eliminate the need for walking on the roof which is in many cases unsafe or not possible.  Many insurance companies, roofing contractors, and home builders are turning to drone inspections as a cost effective means to document roof damage. 

Real Estate Videos  

Realtors are constantly searching for new ways to attract attention to their listings.  They are also interested in helping potential buyers get a better feel for available properties.  Drone videos add a new dimension to real estate listings.  Aerial views of the property are becoming commonplace, as are views of the neighborhood, nearby parks, and other features that are typically not captured in typical real estate photos. 

Capturing Special Events 

Drone pilots are also helping to document special moments or events.  Consumers are capturing weddings, special events, and event hunting expeditions in order to remember and share their experiences.   

Commercial Marketing 

Marketing departments are also leveraging drone videos to create interesting and compelling content.  Drone pilots are capturing the birds eye view of factories, trade shows, and other venues that are interesting to their audience.  The drone makes is possible to capture experiences that were previously difficult to capture.  


To learn more about getting your commercial drone license visit the FAA website.  If you have your commercial drone license and would like to learn more about earning money flying drone missions, please visit our pilot registration page.