A Roofer’s Best Friend: How To Integrate Panton Into Your Roofing Business

We premiered our app a couple of weeks ago at the International Roofing Expo, the largest roofing expo. If you have not seen what we do, check out this video:

Now that you’ve seen what we provide, we’re going to explain the process on how you can integrate our services into your business.

3 Simple Reasons On Why Roofers Choose To Use Panton

  • Roofers don’t have to climb on roofs, making their jobs safer
  • Our inspections are twice as fast, enabling roofers to increase work volume
  • Our estimates are optimized, allowing roofers to get the most out of the inspection

Curious to see what the roofer reports looks like? Download a sample report.

Download sample report

A common question we get often is “How are you different from EagleView or Hover?” The answer is simple. We do damage reports, estimates, and measurements – they only do measurements. Additionally, you can send us your EagleView report and we can create estimates for you.

Step 1: Download Our App & Register

Go to the app store and search “Panton” to download our app. Links are also provided below.

Login or create an account if needed. Afterwards, you can move onto creating an order.

Step 2: Placing Your Order

To begin placing your order, you must first set the location you wish to have inspected. You can either use your current location (if you’re at the job site) or input an address to have inspected.

We currently serve roofers working on both residential and commercial roofs.

Roofers can choose from three different packages:

  • You fly  Don’t have measurements? Get them from us with your drone. Plus get a damage detection report, an estimate report, and a material order for your distributor. We’ll show you how to fly! It’s simple!
  • We fly  – Don’t have a drone? We’ll connect you with a pilot who will acquire the imagery we need to get measurements and create a damage detection report, an estimate report, and a material order for your distributor.
  • You Upload Measurement  – Send us the measurements, we’ll create the estimate report and material order for your distributor.

After you select the option and make your payment, you’ll be given an order confirmation number.

Viewing Your Job list

After you have placed your order, you can view all the jobs you have ordered- both in-progress and completed. To access it, click our logo in the middle of the bottom menu bar.

Panton Job listpanton job list completed

To view details of a job, click on the job listing.

Panton Jobs In Progress

Step 3: Getting Your Report & Generating A Material List 

To view your reports, go to the completed section of the job list tab. Click on the job you wish to view. From there, you should see “View Report”. A pdf file should then be visible . To generate your material list, click the “Generate” button. You’ll then be prompted to edit the materials you with to use if you wish to make any changes.

Download sample report

Download our app today and try this out for yourself!