Gear Up For 2018 Storm Season

After a hail storm, time is NOT on your side. Failure to target damaged areas and deploy your sales team in a timely manner can make or break how successful your roofing company is after a storm. One way to stay ahead of your competition is to use the latest technology designed to improve efficiency for roofers: drone inspections via the Panton Inc. app.


Drone Roof Inspections Save Time

For roofing contractors, accurately measuring a roof is one of the most important aspects of the business. Stop wasting money to order satellite-image-based measurements – as you know, they are inaccurate yet costly. When you order drone inspection on Panton app, the measurement report is included – with 98% accuracy!

If you already have a drone, getting started is easy. We will even show you how to fly it – it’s easy.

Don’t have a drone yet? We’ll connect you with a pilot who will acquire the imagery we need to get measurements and create a damage detection report, an estimate report, and a material order for your distributor.


Panton Inc. Streamlines The Claims Process

Using multiple third parties for photo collection, documentation and estimates are a thing of the past. Streamline your entire claims process with one app. The full package includes a measurement report, a damage report,  a replacement cost estimate and a material order for your distributor.

Curious to see what the roofer reports looks like? Download a sample report.


Improve Safety and Efficiency

Panton allows you to work smarter – not harder. Each inspection can be completed in a matter of minutes and no one needs to get on the roof. Imagine if you could increase the speed of your sales team without sacrificing safety – your team could sell more in less time.

In addition to the drone roof inspection, you get a fully automated claims service with Panton. You won’t have to spend valuable time after a hail storm hits training new salespeople to detect damage, use Xactimate or generate a proper supply order. Everything can be done through the app.


Ready To Get Started?

Download the Panton Inc. app now in the App Store or get it on Google Play.