How to use the Panton App

Roofers, say hello to your new best friend. Now you can conduct roof inspections faster without putting you or anyone else in harm’s way. And you know what that means…more money in your pocket and less complaining.

Get to know the Panton app and its features.

How the app works

Once you’ve downloaded the Panton app, you can go online wherever and whenever you want to start conducting roof inspections. You can use your own drone to take the inspection photos or have us send a drone pilot to do that for you; you’ll be able to get a damage report, estimates, and measurements without climbing another roof again. Watch the video below to see how this works.


Quick Panton app facts

  • Our measurements are 99% accurate.
  • You do not need to be at the job site.
  • Need to make adjustments to the estimate reports? We can send the ESX files to you.

Speedy Report Delivery

We often get asked how long it takes to receive your reports. We guarantee to deliver your completed reports within 24 hours of receiving your uploaded photos.